“I spent $12,000 on sale campaign fees. My apartment did "not" sell. Lies, lies and more lies. They manipulate you to sign a contract and don't deliver. Absolute rip-off!”

Have you ever felt the same way, the last time you sold your property?

Or experienced the regret of listing your property with an agent who promised you the world and delivered zilch – minus your marketing fees?

The truth is, some agents will stop at nothing to list your property and over-quoted appraisals are the weapon of choice to catch you off-guard.


Because once your property is under their belt, they can slowly "condition" you into selling at the true market price...

...or share the listing in conjunction with other agents – and hopefully find some poor soul who might buy at their “appraised” price.

And if they don’t, they still win, you lose!

Here at iCare, the very reason of our existence is to provide sellers like you with a service with strict adherence to ethics and transparency. Our directors personally monitor all campaigns to completion – as a true local agent would.

So, we think you’ll benefit from our:

Knowledgeable Team

All our guys are hand-picked,crème de la crème individuals. They have sound local knowledge of the Melbourne CBD and surrounds. Our team is young and energetic with iCare principles nailed to their heads so they deliver your campaign with honesty and gusto.

Realistic Appraisals

We’ll never “bump” up the appraisal just so you sign on the dotted line. In fact we despise over quoting to hell. We’d rather factor in all possible variables such as location, recent sales in the area, market demand and others to come to a true-blue value. Of course, your opinion is extremely important during this process. If we cannot achieve your expected price, we’ll always tell you so, and the reasons why.

 Comprehensive Marketing Plan

We believe one of the keys to a successful sales campaign is a well thought out marketing plan. For example did you know that there’re 5 crucial elements you must never leave out of your marketing campaign? That said, you don’t always need to break the bank - we’ll show you how.

Shortest Possible Selling Time

Your property is aimed to be sold in the shortest possible time within reason. So you can quickly move on with life. We’ll keep you updated after every open for inspection so you’re informed of what the market thinks, every time.

Pool of Buyers

We have a network of buyers, including overseas investors looking to buy into our beautiful land and we're multi-lingual to confidently negotiate on your behalf.

Smooth Settlements

The settlement day or “d-day” is often considered the most important event in a real estate transaction. Hopefully everyone wins. You finally get your money and get on with life. The buyer gets the keys to her dream home and we’re rewarded with not only our commission, but the satisfaction of successfully getting a win for yet again for our vendor. Our agents are well experienced in this area to anticipate unlikely problems and ensure a smooth transaction for all everyone.

So if you’re thinking of selling your property, or simply just want an honest, no-fluff appraisal, please contact Yu Wang on 0431 250 538 for a quick chat. We’ll never, ever pressure you to sign up to our services.

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