Managing Director
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Few people start their working careers in our industry. Many come to our industry for a sea change second or third time round.

Yu Wang burst into the real estate scene at a tender age of 18. Since then he's apprenticed, learn the ropes from ground up, and fine-tuned his approach under the tutelage of a prominent real estate agency in the Melbourne CBD.

After more than a decade later of learning the nuances of the industry, crucial to your success, he founded iCare Property with the belief of the real difference he can make, amidst the frustrations and agony he’d witnessed in the industry.

Yu is well acquainted with all types of residential property and has led the growth of the project management division of an agency.

Yu is extremely approachable and loves meeting people from all walks of life. He's a licensed real estate agent and the officer in effective control.

m 0431 250 538